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Our Approach to Accessibility.

Our partnership with your company enables you to focus on your products and services, while offering a fair experience to everyone.

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About Accessiblü

What We Believe

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    The Web is for Everyone

    We believe the web should be 100% accessible to anyone.

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    Conforming Can Be Difficult

    We know that accessibility standards are complex and difficult to understand.

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    It Takes Expertise

    We know that true, 100% conformance with the recognized standards takes not just automation but also expert human analysis.

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    Strive for Fairness

    Our job is to make sure you achieve and maintain conformity, and present your users with a fair and equitable experience.

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    Accessibility Matters

    An accessible web is a better web for all. It’s the law to comply, but it is also the right thing to do.

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    We Can Help

    We know accessibility lawsuits continue to rise and can help reduce the risk of legal action while working to ensure your digital assets are inclusive and accessible.

About Accessiblü

Our Story

A longtime client at our web agency called us one day and said a law firm in their area threatened to file suit against many businesses for having inaccessible websites. They wanted our help to get ahead of it. It was our first real exposure to web accessibility.

We felt annoyed on our client's behalf, daunted by the task ahead of us, and more than a little scared by the responsibility we were taking on (not to mention the risk that our efforts wouldn't be enough to protect them from a lawsuit). But, as we educated ourselves, we figured out how to audit the site and make the necessary fixes. We applied many of these lessons as we designed and built new sites, but we began hearing from more and more companies that wanted to get accessible fast.

We quickly realized that achieving conformance with accessibility standards was not just a one-time task. Culturally and technically, it was a commitment to doing the right thing. Achieving compliance takes work. And that work requires monitoring and ongoing support.

This cycle of accessibility needs the attention of a dedicated resource. Audits, remediation, and monitoring shouldn’t be frustrating. Accessiblü is there to help provide experienced, qualified guidance to help your company become conforming and stay that way.

About Accessiblü

Who We Are

The Accessiblü team is a diverse group of professionals passionate about ensuring everyone can access digital information. Our backgrounds and skillsets are as diverse as the people who work here.

Being born out of a digital design agency sets us apart from the competition. It allows us to offer aesthetically accessible solutions that respect the integrity of your designs. Besides web developers and graphic designers, we have experts in accessibility conformance, learning design, instructional design, and human resources.

Our conformance and auditing team includes disabled veterans and persons who are regular users of assistive technology. Our goal isn’t just to conform to a set of accessibility standards. We go beyond to ensure your website, app, or document is useable and offers a positive, inclusive experience.


We are web design & development experts with more than 20 years of agency experience in accessibility.

Focused on Fairness

We believe we all have the obligation to make the web better for everyone. We think drive-by lawsuits are unfair to businesses.

Value Brokers

Accessibility is a skill set, but it doesn’t make sense to make a full time hire in many cases. Our team augments your team to provide this skill as required.

We want to build a more accessible web, one site at a time

We want to build a more accessible web, one site at a time.

Accessiblü Motto

We’ve built a practice that combines experienced human analysis with ongoing monitoring and response. This is how you can become and stay compliant - protecting yourself from the risk of legal action and, at the same time, doing the right thing.

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  • Complying with accessibility standards is the law — but it’s also the right thing to do.

    Complying with accessibility standards is the law — but it’s also the right thing to do.

    We believe that digital properties should be accessible to everyone without obstruction.

    How can organizations achieve compliance when the waters are muddied with so many standards, conflicting opinions and unscrupulous lawyers seeking damages by making less than credible legal claims?

  • Accessibility is achievable and maintainable for every website or application. We’re here to simplify the process.

    At Accessiblü, our focus is on providing a comprehensive service offering that takes the hassle and stress out of your hands, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

    Accessibility is more than just testing and remediation. It requires understanding and cultural adaptation. Accessiblü is here to be your partner in achieving and maintaining accessibility standards within your organization.

    Accessibility is more than just testing and remediation. It requires understanding and cultural adaptation. Accessiblü is here to be your partner in achieving and maintaining accessibility standards within your organization.

But how do you become truly accessible?

It requires a couple of steps, which Accessiblü is determined to offer with professionalism, clarity and timeliness.

  • Testing

    The centerpiece of conformance with accessibility is testing. Testing is an essential component of understanding where your digital property stands in relation to the recognized standards.
    In our practice, testing is conducted not only via automated means but with a human element. Only a human can understand context. Only a human can recognize how truly usable your website or application is to someone who requires assistance. Our focus is providing you with a holistic assessment of your conformance with the published standards from the perspective of actual users, enabling remediation that will not only comply but also enhance the user experience.

  • Remediate

    To achieve conformity, you need to remediate any defects found during testing. Our team knows that remediation can be a time consuming effort, and in-house teams may not necessarily understand what issues they are even fixing.
    Our approach is to provide verbose evidence of issues, cite the relevant criteria, and offer recommendations for effective remediation which can bring your application or website into conformance with standards.

  • Educate

    Accessibility is not a one-off project. A site that tests and conforms on one day can be non-conforming the next day if content editors, developers or other team members publish content or code that is non-conforming. Our job at Accessiblü is not just to test and help you remediate, but also to educate. We do this via our published thoughts, but also via training and one-on-one consulting. Accessibility is more than a technical adaptation – it’s a cultural shift in your organization. We’re happy to help you achieve this shift with workshops, training and any other method that would work best to transform your approach to providing accessible experiences.

  • Monitor

    Finally, accessibility needs to be maintained. The final step in the Accessiblü process is to monitor your website for any compliance issues on an ongoing basis.
    Our approach to monitoring is simple: find faults via automation, test and verify with a human being, and then escalate to remedy. By utilizing this service, you’ll be able to rest assured that your site is conforming with standards everyday, easing your risk profile and providing your users with the best experience possible.


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