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Accessibility Monitoring.

The challenge with conforming to accessibility standards is that every template, page, and piece of content must conform. Our specialized monitoring software scans your website, reports any issues, and allows you to rest assured that best practices are being followed. Indeed, automated scanning can only check about 50% of WCAG success criteria. However, our scanning algorithms scan for some of the most critical barriers while freeing up our testers to focus on assessing the remaining criteria.

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How it Works

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    Getting Started

    First, you will work with one of our conformance specialists to establish the list of URLs you want us to monitor. We can even generate custom scripts and user journeys that our system will crawl. You'll work with one of our conformance specialists to set the frequency of scans, such as weekly or monthly checks.

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    Website Scan

    Our system will scan your website on a regular schedule to check for any non-conforming pages. We can configure which standard is being scanned, such as WCAG 2.1 A, AA, AAA, or Section 508. We use multiple accessibility engines to help zero in on top issues and eliminate false positives.

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    Deliver Results

    When non - conforming issues are found, we’ll log the results and notify you of the findings. One of our conformance specialists can even go over the results with you in person to answer questions and help make recommendations for remediation.

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    Accessiblü Support

    Along with regular reporting and personalized assistance, you'll have the support of the entire Accessiblü team. Our team is located throughout the U.S. and is here to support your accessibility efforts through testing, remediation, and monitoring.


  • Reporting

    For each URL, we archive our findings and can issue reports detailing historic performance.

  • Task Output

    You can output your findings into tasks for popular project management tools.

  • Human Support

    From testing to remediation to training, we augment your team to make accessibility stress-free.


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