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Digital Accessibility Testing & Audits.

Digital Accessibility testing and audits are the only way to know how accessible and useable your digital assets are. Our audits combine manual testing with user journeys and specially designed tools to ensure accuracy. Our testers are persons with documented disabilities who are regular users of assistive technology and can test conformance to WCAG and section 508 criteria, as well as Canadian, European Union, and all other international standards.

Digital applications and websites must adhere to accessibility standards.

The only way to be sure your application or website is compliant is via a mixture of manual and specialized automated testing. Our testing service is a holistic, comprehensive review of your current conformance with accessibility standards and includes recommendations to achieve compliance via remediation.

Accessibility Audits

What Do We Test?

  • Websites & Web Applications

    Our web audits focus on content and functionality, combining expert human analysis with available tools to provide a thorough roadmap to achieving conformity with WCAG standards. This includes testing across desktop and mobile platforms with multiple web browsers.

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications can only be tested manually by qualified, experienced testing professionals. Our audits focus on identifying issues of concern and providing recommendations for remediation. We include multiple types of devices on both iOS and Android to accurately assess the user experience.

  • Desktop Applications

    Desktop applications are not exempt from accessibility testing and remediation. We test using the most popular screen readers and assistive technology to ensure compliance with 508 standards.

  • OTT Devices

    Kiosks and OTT devices such as Apple TV and Roku also fall under the umbrella of the WCAG standards and, as such, require testing and conformance.


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