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Mobile App Accessibility Testing & Audits.

Mobile Application Accessibility Testing: WCAG & Section 508 Compliance Audits

Mobile applications, like websites, must conform to accessibility standards such as WCAG and Section 508. Auditing mobile applications, however, is an entirely manual process and requires experience and knowledge of all accessibility standards.

Accessibility Testing

How it Works

First, our team works with you to identify what interfaces must be tested within your application. This means templates, screens, or other interfaces that either you identify, or we recommend. Then, we conduct our testing with the following methods:

  • Human Analysis

    Our experts will review each interface against WCAG 2.1 standards.

  • Assistive Technology

    We experiment with various tools that normal users would utilize during actual usage.

  • Multiple Environments

    We test against multiple environments (OS/browser/screen readers) to ensure comprehensive conformity.

  • User Testing

    We test your property with real users with documented disabilities.

  • Presentation of Findings

    All of our audits include a presentation of findings and a Q&A session with a qualified conformance specialist. Your report would always include the following areas of focus:

    1. Executive Overview
    2. List of Issues
    3. Severity Report
    4. Examples & Test Methods
    5. Recommendations for Remediation
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    The Accessiblü Difference

    Accessiblü isn’t just a testing company. We’re a team of experienced accessibility experts and UI/UX designers and developers. This means we can test, document, and recommend changes. Our team is here to help you navigate the waters of accessibility standards and ensure you achieve compliance – and stay that way.

  • Pricing

    Our Accessibility Operations (A11y Ops) model begins at $5,000* and includes:

    1. All application templates and forms.
    2. iOS and Android environments.
    3. Clients choose between multiple devices, operating systems, browsers and versions.
    4. Regular consultations with the testing team.
    5. Recommendations for remediation.
    6. Depth & detail of findings report.
    7. Conformance documentation (VPATs)

    *Final cost will depend on the complexity of the application and required documentation. All work in our A11y Ops model is done at one flat rate. Contact us for an estimate of work.

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